25 01 2009

hawksbill-turtleI got a day off work! Shhh, don’t tell my boss 🙂 Keith (who lives here) and I went diving again. This time we saw a small Hawksbill Turtle, a lonely Barracuda, a big starfish thing and the normal (amazing) array of fish and coral. And the wall off the north shore, which we went little further down this time (80 ft ~ 24m). Still a fair way to go until we see the bottom though (~2,500 ft /750m).

Both time we went out from the shore – the second time in the surf. Although the waves weren’t terribly big, it was still exciting (especially since we had to do it twice – after I forgot to open my air valve before starting, the valve got stuck and we had to reassemble the regulator on dry land). Once you are under the waves, the coral that looks like an aquarium makes it worth it.


Although no one cares, I left my log book somewhere in Aus, so:
Water temp 81°F/27°C and I still felt cold, in a steamer – there must be something wrong with me. Especially when those crazies in Winnipeg (to pick a random city, Hi Stu and Rachel…) are getting around -30°C.
I needed 10lbs of weight, which I upped to 12lbs for the second dive – time to go on a diet.
First dive (at “North Star”)was 36min at max depth of 80ft, ave depth 45ft or so (one guy came with us and had a dive computer)
Second dive (at somewhere else on the beach) was ~45 min at max depth of ~60ft, no computer so only what I can remember. Neither of us are in hospital, so we must have got it right.

coralOh, and there were a few dives the other day as well. I must write those down somewhere.

And for those in Winnipeg it is +30°C here. Not -30. Just thought you’d like to know.



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