23 01 2009

Exciting news: I have some news. I want to write about it, but I’ve been told that wouldn’t be a good idea. You see, some people in Adelaide still read this thing (why? I do not know). Apparently it has to be broken in the correct manner, by the correct people, at the correct time. I bow to their judgement. Now the messenger wont hear about how I feel now that I am off the phone 🙂

In other somewhat exciting news: I have heard that the Spanish Government have finally decided that I am fit to be granted a work permit and a residence permit. While I say fit, I still need to obtain a medical certificate for some reason (and a police clearance and yet other papers…). I started this process in September – the best part of five months ago, and I still have nothing in my hand, or passport. But this is good news, because I may soon be able to have a home again. Even though the home will be a long way from my real home, it wont be someone else’s home. And it is likely that I will rarely be at that home.

I’ll have to get around to learning Spanish at some point, or go hungry. I will be in Barcelona at least for a short period sometime in February. But from what I’m hearing, I will be back in the US before I know it.

At least they speak (a form of) English here.



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2 02 2009

Smart arse.

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