I’ve taken a few photos, and since I’m sitting here in Santorini, I thought I’d upload some. I thought it’d be nice to have a slide show automatically pop up here. Of course it wasn’t that simple, you have to tax your mouse button for a few more clicks – the links are here for you to enjoy:

18 Egypt
17 Santorini Still
16 Santorini
15 Greece Olympia – Athens
14 Greece North
13 Albania
12 Montenegro
11 Croatia
10 Budapest – Slovenia
09 Danube
08 Germany
07 Alps
06 Italy
05 French Alps
04 France
03 Spain north
02 Spain
01 Preperation

One response

5 11 2011
Fernanda Elias

Hi Stephen !!!…. i´m Fernanda !!! i´m visiting you page but i have problems to see the pictures !!… i will try to figure out !!…. But any way !…. i want to do that too !!! …. see you !!!


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