Test from tablet

2 01 2013

So I went and bought a new tablet.  Hopefully I can get away with just this on the next trip. At least that was the plan – it’s really just a new toy 🙂

Edit: 3 January 4.5billion and 13

More on the toy later.

I forgot that people who are following the blog would get an email that it’s alive again. I was only trying to test the WordPress Android app (which seems to work pretty well, but the on screen keyboard leaves a bit to be desired). Woops. Not to worry. As John has reminded me, before I talk about future trips (which I hope there will be one) I should ‘complete’ the last trip. I’m somewhere in China or Pakistan still – a year later, I still haven’t looked at some of the photos I took in India…

It’s a bit embarrassing that I haven’t made a single post in 2012. Not so much Adventure, but plenty of work.

No more fingers

16 11 2009

That’s it. I will soon have to take off my shoes to count all these kids. I am full on one hand, and well into the second.

Steve + Kim gave birth to Thomas in September (my word, that is almost 2 months ago already!)
And Stu and Bec have just had Caitlin.

Actually the women gave birth, and the men stood around doing whatever it is that men do on these occasions (although Bec hardly gave Stu time to turn on the TV!). I’m going to have to get ready to cuddle lots of kids over Christmas! Before at least one of them zips off to Japan. Starting the frequent flyer account early.


28 04 2009

I was told that the last time I wrote under the heading “News”, I probably shouldn’t have, and was called a smart arse. So I wont do it again. You hear me? I wont.

I was talking to an operator at work today (in my, now very good, “international” English: ie, slow clear, and nothing complex – it’s amazing how much of a conversaion you can have with people who claim not to understand any English when you both try). He mentioned some friends had just cycled around the world. Amazing, does everyone in Germany go riding? Anyway, it dawned on me that it works better in different languages when most of the content of the blogs should be pictures. I like words. They are good for me, and with this computer and my internet connections they work ok. But no-one else wants to read them. I may have to add more pics. Just after I start taking some.


or cheat and use google translate (my new best friend) -> the same blog in english



12 09 2007

I phoned home.
The news is that Gunjuk is walking, Catherine is ‘still in one piece’, and Bec is reportedly doing well.

Good one (finally!), Good luck, and Keep it up/slow down with the work, respectively. Hope you don’t mind appearing on my blog 🙂

5 Sleeps to go

21 06 2007

Kev’s X-terra

12 06 2007

Kev convinced me to fly home a day early and race in his X-terra (a kind of off road duathalon). He’d set the date for his birthday, and spent all morning in the cold wind putting out arrows and setting up the course for the rest of us. Which was good of him. There was a fairly small turn out – only seven people/teams raced. I thought I was at least guaranteed a top ten finish with those odds!

I haven’t trained, well… at all in the last month or so – busy trying to get work wrapped up. So I wasn’t expecting to beat Kev, but I like to be able to keep up.

I got thrashed (by Kev). Oh well. Next time. Kev won and everyone had a good time, so success I guess.

Maybe Catherine will email me a nice photo I can put on the site. Maybe even the one that I was in the same frame as Kev, to make it look like I was keeping up. No-one need know it was right at the start of the race.

And my Bro’ managed to break his arm last night while riding the mountain bike around his back yard before I put it in the car. What can you say…?