Australia Day

27 01 2009

So I’m an Australian in St Croix. I thought Australia day would pass by uneventfully, and it did for the most past. I wore my Aussie flag tattoos on hand and leg and stirred up the guys at work about working on my equivalent of Independance Day. They also got the spiel about invasion day and we found plenty of episodes in our histories that are not really that dissimilar.

But then there was a band at the local pub. The only other Aussie I new about on the island was there (I don’t know if it counts after living here for 9 years). So were two others (on a round the world type adventure). The flag tattoos quickly got plastered on cheeks, and suddenly there were a horde of us! I think a few might have been ring-ins, but never mind… The band came on, I ended up dancing the night away, or until the next day had technically started.

I though about where I was last year. And it didn’t really register, because it wasn’t important then. But this year it was.

Aussie, aussie, aussie. Oi, Oi, OI!



2 responses

3 02 2009

Hey Aussie, incredible you can`t remember our first date??!! We met in Coyhaique exactly on that day, Careterra Austral! And that wasn’t important? Bocks are always important ;-)!
Good luck for Spain! Sabine

4 02 2009

That’s why I wasn’t worried about Australia Day last year – meeting the Bocks totally eclipsed Australia Day!

I do remember the meeting in Coyhaique – neither of has any idea of who the other was, and certainly no idea that we would hang around together for so many months, a long way down the road.

Yes, you are important. I’ll come and visit and hang around again to remind you how important you are. Perhaps camp behind your house, in the summer 🙂

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