About Me

Hello. My name is Stephen. Like many, I have two lives which on the surface seem immiscible.

Hyde is a hiker, a biker, a bit of a runner, a tourist, a wanna-be triathlete and adventure racer, a tri-hard endurance anything who doesn’t train enough. He’d like to be known as an adventurer, but is really a weekend warrior who occasionally makes a weekend last a bit longer (like a year).

Jekyll is a sickly, reclusive Engineer who is a geek and enjoys his work.

Hyde is slightly shocked, but pleased, that despite not having any game plan, training regime, coach or supporters, indeed not even knowing what the game is about or to which end he should be running, he seems to be winning. Jekyll is terrified that Hyde will and his career will be ruined.

And moving on back to the first person.
I’m primarily an itinerant (or maybe a vagrant). In the 12 years since completing University, I have had nine different homes, managing to stay in only two of them for 2 years (I’ll rectify that next time). I’ve been lucky enough to have lived for short periods in Australia, Japan, Wales, Spain and the US. For roughly a year I travelled across South America on a bike for fun, and I’ve seen a reasonable amount of Australia, Western Europe, Korea, Japan, Suriname, Jamaica and Southern US with work. But work is work, the inside of a concrete bunker filled with computer screens in Jamaica is more or less the same as one in France, although the food is (much) better in France. I still call Australia home.

Only a mother could love it

The last year and a half I have had a ‘steady’, ‘normal’ job, where I blast around Europe working with some of the best in my field, on some of the more exciting projects it’s possible to have in this field. In theory I have been based in Barcelona, which has been kind of cool. So why would I leave something that sounds so good? Well, it sounds good, but in practice it wasn’t working for me. The work has been great, but my personal life has been slowly falling apart. Part of the problem is I still can’t speak Spanish, hence can’t talk to the locals. But I think the fundamental problem has been the amount of time I have spent travelling outside the city, and my tendency to bury myself in work when I am ‘home’. Hence I’ve not made any friends in Barcelona and could see that become a part of the city was going to take far more investment (read: time) than I was willing to make. So I decided to leave. Yes, I threw in the towel. Next time, yes, next time, it’ll be different.

The obvious thing to do would be to return to Australia, and settle down a bit. For the last ten years I’ve had an idea that an overland trip from Australia to England would be kind of fun. Going the other way should also work. So I’ll do the obvious thing in a less than obvious way. My first attempt at career suicide failed when I fell on my feet after riding across South America, let’s see how this goes…

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26 07 2010

When are we getting the first instalment of where you are ? or are you having too much fun to sit in front of a computer ? ):

26 07 2010

oh, I meant to also say, I checked out your photos of Italy. It looks incredible – I need to learn to ride a mountain bike so I can there.

18 08 2010

La proxima vez… seguro será mejor!… Quiero que vuelvas! 😉

17 07 2011
Jim ( james duncan ) Fullwood

Hi Steve, good to see ur still alive and riding 😉
Terhi and I got back to Finland in late May after spending the winter down in Morocco, Spain and Portugal ( bussing around alas ). Still nice to be there tho.
Look like we are gonna be in Finland for long term now as Terhi is 5 months pregnant and we are waiting of rlittle girl to come in late November 😉
Time for us to start looking for bike trailers.
Hope ur journey continues well and hope the tent is holding up.If u ever get over to Finland someday be sure to come stay.
best wishes and happy trails from Jim and Terhi , also Baby Girl Taroudant ( named after town of conception ! ) Fullwood.
ps, do u have contact details of the nice USA santorini bikers ?

21 08 2011

Hello Stephen Australia;) i just wanted to say HI:), would want to send an email… but i can’t seem to find any signs of your email address here!? it’s probably somewhere very visible, i know it… I need a blog detective! Oh, by the way, we missed that train from Amritsar that day!! I think, it was the one and only ever train that run on time in the history of Indian railway;) so much fight for the tickets and one minute too late…!!! Sigh! Are you back? Cheers! Magda:)

27 08 2011
Eva Sivill

Hey stephen, this is Eva the spanish girl you met in Shimla together with Frank. Sorry we didn’t say goodbye, as it was raining all day we changed our bus ticket to kalka and we took off from Shimla a day before. Hope all went well there and you are feeling good enough to continue with your trip. Say hi to you father! Eva and Frank

5 09 2011

Hi Stephen!:) i have been told by numerous recipients, numerous times that my recent emails somehow end up in SPAM folder … So check it out when you can:) Cheers!! Magda:)

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