Ride Stats (SAm)

I’m an Engineer. There must be statistics. I use a RPN calculator; they are backwards. There will be more. SD card recovered (using software).

Bike total at 14,000km in 9 months. That’s enough for now. Bye bye bike.

The Uruguay / Brazil bit
Total cycling days: 20 days
Total elapsed days: 48 days
Total kms: 1,640
Cycling time: 85 hrs
Average speed: 19.4 km/h
Total altitude gained: 9 km.
Flats: 2 (on the same day) Spokes: 0.

The Andes Trip
Total cycling days: 145 days
Total elapsed days: 220 days – that’s 7.5 months!
Total kms: 12,286 (even with 2% error, that’s still over 12k!)
Cycling time: 783 hrs
Average speed: 15.7 km/h
Total altitude gained: 126 km. Bit meaningless really… 16 times to the top of Mount Everest?
Flats: 31 Spokes: 14. I know how to change spokes now. Better wheels next time.

The Tail
Cycling days: 20 days – lots of hiking around Torres del Paine
Elapsed days: 39 days
Cycled kms: 1,626 km
Cycling time: 94 hours
Average speed: 17 km/h
Altitude Gained: 12,735 m
Flats: 2 – the Schwalbe is doing the job!
Broken spokes: 6 – I spoke too soon.
Max wind speed: not sure, but weather reports are around 100km/h on some days we’ve been riding.

Carretera Austral
Cycling days: 19 days
Elapsed days: 23 days
Cycled kms: 1,228 km – damn near all of it on dirt
Cycling time: 86 hours
Average speed: 14 km/h – on dirt, ok?
Altitude Gained: 16,245 m
Flats: 4
Broken spokes: I might have had the last of these.
New tyres: 1, a second hand Schwalbe Marathon XR. A few days late, but better than Christmas!
Middle Chile
Cycling days: 12 days
Elapsed days: 20 days
Cycled kms: 1,597 km
Cycling time: 93 hours
Average speed: 17 km/h
Altitude Gained: 13,047 m
Flats: 3
Broken spokes: nil! Yippee!
New Years Celebrated: 1.

Northern Argentina
Cycling days: 20 days
Elapsed days: 25 days
Cycled kms: 2,226 km – you read the cycling days again now.
Cycling time: 120 hours
Average speed: 19 km/h
Max speed: 71km/h (don’t tell mum)
Altitude Gained: 15,213 m
Flats: 5
Broken spokes: only 2
New tyres: 2
Kilograms of meat eaten: I ran out of fingers, and can’t take off my shoes right now.
Number of views of Aconcagua: almost one.

Cycling days: 13 days (it certainly felt like more)
Elapsed days: 25 days
Cycled kms: 1,197 km
Cycling time: 74 hours
Average speed: 16 km/h (really rocketing along hey!)
Altitude Gained: 8,980 m
Broken spokes: errr, could it be none?
Altiplanos crossed: 1
Highest everything viewed or climbed.
Cost: next to bugger all, Bolivia is cheap, cheap, Cheap!

Cycling days: 49 days
Elapsed days: 73 days
Cycled kms: 3,466 km
Cycling time: 252 hours
Average speed: 14 km/h
Altitude Gained: 42,666 m
Broken spokes: 6
Punctures: 10 (or so)
New chains: 1
Piles of old rocks viewed: many

Cycling days: 12 days
Elapsed days: 17 days
Cycled kms: 947 km
Cycling time: 65 hours
Average speed: 14 km/h
Altitude Gained: 17,566 m
Bridges missing: 6
Cost: I prefer not to think about it

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13 08 2008

Hi Stevo,

8 04 2011
Rahel und Jörg Affolter

hi Stephen….where are you? and didt you start to smoke? I`saw the picturs on facebook, you are sitting on a table duing some work on you notebook and there is one burning, smoky, stinky cigarrett??? Are you crazy now….are you a real Türk now? Greetings from Erzurum Fatima and Mustafa Jörgül Atrap-Türk

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