Stuck with the Fish

11 07 2007

There is a protest of some kind inside/outside/around Trujillo, that (in my broken Spanish) I have managed to ascertain will keep me here overnight. Somehow the road is closed. Ok. But I was meant to meet Ol and Jess tomorrow arvo. Hopefully they don’t wait for me 🙂

I have a bus ticket for tomorrow night (arriving at around 5am on Friday 13th  – auspicious?), but I’m not yet convinced that I’ll make it then – one person told me at least two days before the road would be open, but another sold me the ticket. I’ll front up at the bus terminal and see what happens.

One saving grace:  another day of seafood. For  lunch I had a fried fish (the whole thing,  but I didn’t eat the head). mmm. 10 soles (AU$4). mmm. I have gone a bit silly about the Arroz con Mariscos (rice – sometimes fried – with chopped up bits of seafood). Good, good food.

I may as well go and explore Trujillo some more. Huaraz will still be there in a few days. Ol and Jess may not be however… I wonder if they have a phone?



2 responses

11 07 2007

Sounds like everything is going perfectly according to your plan! Great for getting your Spanish up to speed though.

11 07 2007

Why are you not working? I just talked to Kev, hope you and your belly button are feeling swell

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