9 07 2007

WordPress just ate my post, twice. bugger.

I travelled from Chimbote on Saturday, missing out on a Friday night in the process (by needing to be up early Saturday). I don´t think I missed much, except there was lots of noise…

I actually went past Trujillo, to the beach town of Huanchaco. The fog is still here, but I did actually see the sun yesterday for about 1/2 an hour. Seriously, it is so thick I honestly couldn´t work out which way the sun was supposed to rise and set without my compass.

Sunday everything was shut (it´s not the tourist season at the moment). There was nothing to do, so I did nothing. It was tough. The Arroz con Mariscos helped (a rather good dish of rice with seafood).

Today I went looking at some pre-Inca ruins. Impressive given the whole place was/is a desert. I´d put some photos up, but it´s not that necessary.



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