Huaraz again. Lots of walking.

17 07 2007

I managed to spend my last day in Trujillo wandering around the Trujillo markets trying to buy a pot set for my camp cooker. It wasn’t as easy as it first appeared. After searching many, many shops (in the market that can best be described as schizophrenic due to the massive mix of products available – I saw a cabinet being spray painted in the middle of the meat section) and a trip to the blacksmith (sort of) I got there. I don’t know if it works yet though – hope to try it out i the next few days. Oh, and after visiting almost every bank, it appears no-one will change English Pounds. It turns out that bringing those was a great idea…

So the teachers finally got off the roads (that was who was protesting) and the buses could start again. So I met Ol and Jess in the entrance hall of a hostel that neither of us were going to stay in. Good timing.

We’ve since spent a good deal of time at or above 3700m. The highest we got to was 5035m, so that’smy second highest assent so far. There are plenty of mountains around here above 6000, so perhaps I can set a new PB. Unfortunately the internet connection here is a little slow, otherwise I’ve got plenty of pictures that could be uploaded – three days of walking, two glacial lakes, and a peak will get a few pictures.

Today we’re off to a “forest of rock in sand”, just up the valley here near Huaraz. There is a lot of climbing – we’ve got supplies for 3 days, we’ll see if I continue to be keen to climb that long. Ol and Jess are climbing really well at the moment and are dead keen to get out there. I’ve always got my book 🙂



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