Training camp: Italy

5 06 2010

Spent the best part of 2 weeks in Italy with Stefan and Sabine, and the bikes. Not just any part of Italy, Lago di Garda – a big lake surrounded by 1500-2000m high mountains. And lots of mountain bike tracks.

Two relaxing weeks sitting by the lake… Hardly! Had fun. Ate lots, did a stupid amount of riding. Still managed to put on weight.

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Interesting events:
Stefan broke his frame, then spent a week improvising and perfecting a clamp to fix it. Worked well in the end.
I broke Stefan’s rear wheel.  Easy to fix at the bike shop. Interesting 2000m decent on loose track with only front brakes.
Lufthansa lost my bag. Camping, no gear, not as much fun.
I was introduced to Klettersteig. European way to climb a mountain with fixed ropes. Curious.
Pizza. Pasta. Stefan’s cooking.
The mountains beguiled us into leaving the warm clothes in the tent with several days of good weather, then tried to give me hypothermia. Failed, just.
Mountains, Mountains, Mountains. Lake.
Did I mention the food?



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14 06 2010

How did you get the slide show in? Great by the way! And good photos ;-)! You didn’t show us this program! You need to come again!! There will be another training camp before your trip back home!

14 06 2010


12 07 2010
Amanda Stevens

The Garda Lake is one of my favourite parts of Italy!
Were you in awe the whole time!?!

Although, I would have been shopping in nearby Verona and not climbing a mountain, but you are amazing none-the-less.

Your Second Cousin Amanda

12 07 2010

Hey Mandy!
Yeah, it’s pretty nice. One problem is there are so many mountains and things to do, we didn’t even get as far as Verona. Shopping was limited to food. But, oh! What food!

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