16 05 2010

I think that might be called a petit aventure.

I spent the night in Lyon, then had to find a way to get to the hotel we’re staying at for work. Now I could take a taxi… But there is a train line not so far away. So I thought I’d take that. Well, it’s Sunday – the next train is over 3 hours away (France!). But the ticket sales guy told me there might be a bus. Walk a bit. There is a bus. After the one that goes to Etats-Unis. I thought someone was having a joke, but no, there is an Etats-Unis near Lyon.

So take the bus. It only goes to Feyzin. Well, that’s not a million miles from where I want to be. Closer is better. Near the end of the line I get talking to the bus driver. Once we’ve established that 1. I can’t speak French 2. Where I want to go and 3. (most importantly) that I am Australian, and not English after all, he goes on to tell me how great Australia is. And how his brother has a friend who went there on one of those things – how do you say – bicycle? Of course that gave us something to talk about (and his English turned out to be pretty good). So suddenly I had instructions for the next bus trip and subsequent walk. And was let out at the traffic lights because it was closer. Nice guy. And he helped me fill a 3 hour journey (that takes ~ 20 minutes in the car).

And snails tonight. Still looking for frogs legs.



One response

18 05 2010

Ah, Lyon! I spent a week there at a conference. I tried the frogs legs. Tastes like chicken… & fish. Oh and they did a good blood pudding. It’s marketed as the culinary capital of France. I think that’s what is said of any city that is trying to re-market themselves as something other than an industrial centre.


PS vélo (Bicycle in French)

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