Bikes with inbuilt computers

15 07 2009

Wow. I was away from racing for too long. How long have Shimano had a servo driven shifting system? That smacks of something that might happen way out in the future, like in 2010 or something.

Oh. Right.

I remember being unhappy when a miserable old, non-computer controlled,  XT rear derailleur got damaged in a race. I wonder if you can bend on of these new computer controlled guys back into shape and continue the race? Image that, the perfect thing to take on a touring bike. I can just image it – in the steppe somewhere out the back of Mongolia, going from yurt to yurt trying to find a replacement 7.4V Li battery so you can change gear. huh? you want eat?

I am so far behind the times. So far, I should get out my 155 g heavier, cable driven shifting, bike and head for the hills. At least I still have the $15,000 in my pocket instead of a computer controlled shifter.

Although the good news is I am good enough at fixing bikes. But I’m better at fixing computers. Maybe I could hit this niche somehow.



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