Tourist for a weekend

20 07 2009

I decided to be a tourist for the weekend. I visited Girona to have a look around. Quite a beautiful city. The old city wall has been made safe, and you can wander around on this. The cathedral (oh, no ABC) is huge and perhaps a little big for the population (I managed to sneak in for a peek during Sunday mass and it wasn’t quite full (maybe 10%).

But I most enjoyed meeting people. I feel like an oldie at backpacker hostels now – the clientele are mostly 18 or 19. Why didn’t I travel at that age? Not brave enough? Or didn’t have sufficient funds? Well, yes, but I was mainly focused on getting this career going. The one that I should be working on rather than writing a blog. But anyway well done to the kids, just stop making me feel so damn old!

And I met a cyclist. Well, I met six actually. In one night away. I think cycling in summer through Europe is slightly more popular than I suspected. One girl was going alone for 2 months – don’t I wish I was on the bike as well!

And Australia seems to be here. I was missing the Aussie accent for a while, but over the weekend I talked to enough Aussies to get mine back. Is there anyone left in Aus?



One response

20 07 2009

We are still here! All nearly four of us. Although the lard has crept up again, it might as well be five of us.

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