Punta Arenas II

12 03 2008

I’m still here. It would be unfair to blame Stefan and Sabine for this prolonged stay. So I’ll blame the fish.

Bad, bad, yummy fish. Quit tasting so good, and I can go on and finish this thing. Only 450km of slog to go, but we just can’t seem to get moving. Maybe tomorrow. Or the day after.

Whats the rush? As soon as I hit Ushuaia I have to think, and maybe even make a decision, about what’s next.

penguin.jpgwhosthepenguin.jpgOh, and we went to see some penguins today. See look. A penguin. Magellanic Penguin, even.



2 responses

16 03 2008

How cool!

18 03 2008

Yes. I thought so.
It snowed on me yesterday. Wrapped in lycra and barrelling down a hill with snow falling around you. Now that is cool.

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