10 03 2008

SalmonI’ve managed to escape for a minute to register a call for help. The Germans are trying to kill me with food. If we don’t leave Punta Arenas soon, I’m afraid I may explode.

mariscos1kg of salmon. 0.5kg of Something else (Congrio – salt water eel – I think). A whole pot of mussels.

And Icecream.




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12 03 2008

Told you it would be tough. Surprised you survived the chocolate fondoo. Never trust the germans, just when you think you have discipline they will overcome you with eisbein and weisbier. The pigs trotters are good too.
Amazing pictures of the towers of Pain. Incredible place. There is curiosity as to what you’ll do for encore. Cycle back to the top again?. Alternatively There is a group currently on the cycle from Australia to Madrid via Iran Pakistan etc. Last info was they were just outside Lahsa on the Tibetan Plateau having done many high passes. Apparently very cold. They represent this as a fun activity and invite me to join them on the downhill side of the Himalayas. Unfortunately I have no time and too much common sense. Though other people from Perth are going out. Their out-of-date website is . Hard to update in China. Good for learning Spanish too.
Have fun with the swiss . Invite them back to cycle the outback. Adelaide in the last month and a half has had thirty days of maximums over 35. Usually around to 40 they say.
Happy easter, richard

23 03 2008

Hmm. Sounds good. Perhaps I can catch them if I leave soon?

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