12 09 2007

From the valley, we continued downhill (fighting the headwind) for a few days through progressively more and more barren terrain, and made the coast. We turned left after some discussion – left was south (which was good) and also the direction the wind was coming from (clearly not so good). Riding north would have been easier – but that way is currently welcoming winter. Stuart tells me Winnipeg is already freezing over. So reluctantly we turned into the teeth of the wind.

The following day we beat the wind by rising at 4:45. Is this mean to be a holiday? Probably, but it is the only sensible thing to do – the wind appears somewhat magically just before midday and proceeds to blow into the afternoon. The coast was a roughly even mix of desert, fog, sun and wind. The possibility of some mariscos (seafood) kept me going.

I have developed a nickname from my Swiss companions – Panini (ok, so it’s from Italian, but it sounds close to the Spanish ‘Panicito’). I’m eating lots of bread. It’s normal for me, but obviously of note.

And then we were at Trujillo, after a reasonably long day. I seem to remember being here before… twice. Due to the road layout in northern Peru, it turns out that you would have to be rather mad, or a long way east to not go through Trujillo. There is one road through the mountains, but the number of passes looks obscene. Cunning planning by the Trujilloites. Luckily, Lucho, a Peruanian cycling champ runs his ‘casa de ciclistas’ here. After adding one (number 867) and reading (some) of the log book entries I am feeling suitably humbled – there are many, many very long distance cyclists coming through here. Just now, there are couples staying in the house traveling for 6.5, 2.5 and over 1 years. My poultry 2 months seems fairly feeble against this. But he’s a nice guy, lets us stay at his place, and I needed to do some washing. I also needed a new bottom bracket (turns out the bike sold to me as ‘total shimano/deore components’ has some super cheap parts that are becoming evident about now – after only about 2000km). The hubs also needed new cones/bearings, and that took a full day to complete (with meals as well 🙂 ). Food was partaken. Sufficient quantities (of variable quality) to replenish the body.

This morning, Rachel, George and I said a good bye (or possibly a see you later) to Rebekka, Florian and Chan. Rebekka or Florian occasionally write quite a detailed and lengthy story on their blog, and this time it includes me! So be sure to check it out at www.dreirad.fenris.ca and keep up to date with what they are doing.

The goodbye was extended, so with our tardy start we manged to turn at “lets get going at 7am to beat the wind” into a struggle out of town at 11. But we’re back heading south, stopped tonight in a small place called Chao – my last hope of Mariscos (mmm, seafood) until… Chile? Somewhere a while away anyway. So with the coast so close, what did we eat…? Chicken. What were we thinking? At least there was no rice.

Next few days is up a hill. Toward Huaraz. Currently on the coast, so that means it will be up. And up. And not likely to have internet, so bye for now.



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