6 09 2007

A town with the most unpleasant hostel owner/operator I have come across (we only used this hostel because there as a garage for the bikes). Otherwise it is quite pleasant here. And a good days ride from Cajamarca.

I’ve updated the map again, and it is clear that the last section has been rather difficult (ie the dots, indicating nights, are much closer together). Today was a retun to the bigger distances. Once we’d climbed to 3200m again, it has been all downhill. At times rediculously steeply downhill, I don’t wish to come back up this road. More of the same coming up by the looks – down to the coast and then turn left toward Trujillo and Chimbote.

We’ve heard through various channels that the road just out of Trujillo has been the location for several robberies of cyclists in recent months. We have asked for an update from a local, and may resort to catching a bus/truck to bypass this area. The problem (or potential) has been a source of much conversation, and more than a little concern for the last few days. Hopefully it turns out to be nothing.



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11 09 2007

what is this? Details of road maintenance on every dusty track in the Peruvian outback? Get to Rio. Do the carnival. Join a samba school. Or what about the Towers of Pain. Patagonia, Fitzroy. Anyhow put up interesting photos. Who are these young scandinavian women you’re cycling with. Put their pictures up immediately.
Jeez it’s slow, by the time you get to Machu Picu and La Paz the rains will almost have started.
Maybe a motorcycle would be the thing. Like Che Guevara. You don’t need helmets in SA. Very photogenic.
The holdups sound interesting. What kind of gun have you got?

12 09 2007

The Peruvian outback is large. And the details must be comprehensive. It will take time.

Unfortunately Switzerland is not in Scandanavia. But I will put up some photos when I can. Possibly in a week or so. Look back then.

I haven’t got a gun yet. I have a stick. And my companions have pepper spray / mace. We’re hoping that you don’t make us use it.

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