28 08 2007

I’ve been saying since the start of this endeavour that dogs will be the biggest problem. So far an uncountable number have barked, many have given chase , some have been roadkill, but only one has bitten.

A bit-bull cross of all breeds. The damn thing got a bit excited (possibly egged on by the two other dogs that gave chase) and tore a hole in my pannier, and punched two other smaller holes. With the existing hole, the supposedly waterproof panniers are beginning to look like a poorly designed colander.

I was reasonably furious at the time, a combination of adrenaline and annoyance at having the bags ripped. I didn’t go back, and hence saved the dog a few good kicks to the head, but yelling at the owner burned off some steam. I think he was laughing at me, and asked a few times why I wasn’t in a car. That didn’t help my temper.

I just hope the next dog that comes close is expecting a retaliation.



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