28 08 2007

Yesterday was a pretty big day. I came out of Jaén and turned left. I could have gone right, and although it would have been hilly, I would have ended up at the coast and reasonably fast (but boring) travel south. Instead it looks like I’ve chosen a route through the mountains – not boring, but extremely… mountainous.

Yesterday was neither montainous or overly entertaning. All day I travelled first down, and then up two rivers. Similar terrain to parts of the Flinders actually, except the river beds were full of flowing water. Down, it should go without saying, was reasonably easy. Up on the other hand… I didn’t get in until after dark – and wasn’t expecting that.

So today I thought I’d just hop a short distance to the regional Capital of Chachapoyas. Up a lovely river, in a steep sided valley. Quite scenic. The brand new tar helped for the first 20km,  and it was dirt from then until the road went seriously uphill (at about 45km, where I got tar again). I studied the map over lunch, and have come to the conclusion that I will need to descend that same section of tar to get out of here. That’s 1.5 hours of climbing to be undone in the morning. I couldn’t face going back tonight, so I’m holing out in Chachapoyas hoping that the roads will realign overnight and down isn’t necessary.

If nothing else, the view is good, and it’s done my legs some good. And I get internet today. I guess it’s not all bad then.



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