No luck

12 08 2007

Last night the computer froze and deleted my latest witty, inspiring, and deftly written post. So you’ll have to make do with this cobbled together replacement. I’m still reeling over the USB drive crashing, so I think my run of luck with computers may be coming to an end.

I rode south. Up a hill, it got dark, I camped in the back yard of someone right next door to the national park (there was supposed to be a campsite there, but I made do). It rained on me.
The next day I got up and it was raining. I rode down hill – down 1800m that is, mostly in the rain and drizzle. Then I got to Baños. It was raining there. I was tired, but my room mate decided to go out for the night, and proceeded to keep me awake. I woke up this morning a little tired, and guess what? It’s raining. Not drizzle though, serious rain. I got al kitted up and had breakfast, and realised that it would be foolish to head out into that. So Baños gets the pleasure of my company for one more day.

I’m told it is nice here – that is when it isn’t raining. I’ll don the goretex and head out for a while, but it just isn’t pleasant.

This is supposed to be the dry season! What is going on with this world?



2 responses

12 08 2007

Gooday mate. We arrived home yesterday afternoon to a freezing house. Monday today and the house is no warmer even though we had the heater on last night! Pleased to read that you have decided to ride a push bike. Wouldn’t be because it is cheaper? Have you read any of the messages we write on this site? Or is there a better way of communicating?

16 08 2007

Well it´s bloody freezing here as well. this is supposed to be a warm holiday – I´m living in my raincoat!
I read everything that goes on here. And sometimes I respond.
The bike ends up being more expensive than buses, thankyouverymuch. And right now I´m not sure it´s the best idea (until this rain stops!!!)

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