Some Photos

11 08 2007

Jess (or possibly Ol) has uploaded some of the photos we took during the Peru part of the trip. They are at:

thanks guys. I’ll have to get a copy of the DVD from you at some point 🙂



5 responses

11 08 2007

Hey Stevo… I love the photos. Reading the blog is good but seeing the photos really gets the jealous streak happening…. Except for hitching a ride with 7 sheep….
Take it easy buddy…

12 08 2007

Yeah, it’s a bit of a bummer that my USB drive has crashed. Not only the photos, but all of my email contacts, and a heap of stuff I kind of need (like passwords, etc). But I can take more photos, and use those to make you jealous.
The sheep were fun. Smelt a bit.

12 08 2007

Hi Love,
Never doubted you would buy a bike!!!!
Should never have sent you to scouts,
Keep well, dry and safe.

14 08 2007

If your parents never sent you to Scouts, you’d never have got to hang out so much with us! And then Cheryl would have had to put up with you doing ALL your adventures alone.

16 08 2007

Is that a good thing?

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