Death by USB

7 08 2007

I have a few mins to kill this morning – my lovely Scottish friend is on the phone at the moment trying to track down a motorbike for me. He’s still trying to convince me that a car is the better option and it probably is (it is definately safer). But it’s less like what I wanted, so I’ll keep looking for a motorbike. By the end of today I reckon I’ll either have a plan to ride a motorbike or be getting ready to catch a bus (and continue on buses until something better comes up). Unless I fall over a good quality second hand bike with panniers on my travels today (that is not going to happen).

So I thought I’d upload some photos. Plugged in my USB stick. And nothing. Try again. Nothing. Different computer. Uh oh. All my emails… all my passwords… photos… It appears I was relying too heavily on one device. Did I make a backup somewhere… I hope so and I’ve just forgotten. I know for sure that the photos on there are with Ol and Jess (please tell me the DVD is ok Jess 🙂 ).

Life goes on. Somehow.



One response

10 08 2007
Mum and Dad

Hi Love,
We are in Forbes today, on the way home. The weather is a lot cooler although we have not had great temperatures since we have been away.
Glad to hear you are revising your idea re transport. Buses sound good. Hope you can recover your photos and keep well.
Love Mum
Gooday mate, Look for a ’59 or ’60 model De Soto. You know the ones with the huge rear fins. No other info at the moment. Will be in touch when we arrive back in Adelaide. Love Dad

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