Where is everyone?

6 08 2007

Quito is a very strange place. Three nights I have now been here and I’m struggling to work out where the hell everyone goes during the day. I know yesterday was a Sunday, but really, why are none of the shops open duruing the day, or for that matter, any of the night? It is frustrating my attempt at pricing a motorbike or a pushy. Although today, I am preferring the motorbike idea. The car idea has fallen away – maybe if I had a travelling companion it’d be a goer, but solo I only need two wheels.

We’ll see.



2 responses

6 08 2007

On behalf of team Rev…. Motor bike??? Sounds like someones taking the “soft” option…. although I’d probably do the same. Just make sure it comes with a carrier rather than having your bags on your back again.
Take it easy Stevo….

7 08 2007

Yeah, perhaps a bit soft. I’ve been watching how the locals drive, and to be honest, I don’t know that I’ll survive on a motorbike either! At least with a motor I’ll be able to keep up with the traffic, and it also means the route I can take is not a straight line south (and hence miss a lot of the good stuff).

Excuses aside – it’s the soft option (although not as soft as what might happen, and take buses everywhere)

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