Escalada de hielo

25 07 2007

He he. That was fun.

Yesterday Ol, Jess and I spent the best part of the day at 5000m, climbing the face of a glacier. Luckily it was only a small glacier, but bashing up it with the ice tools and crampons is fun. But that was on top rope – who knows how much I’d enjoy it leading a few thousand meters off the deck. Perhaps we’ll never know. It was fun anyway. If I manage to get to Canada for winter, I may have found something to keep me entertained.

And Ol and Jess left last night, for skiing further south. Hopefully they enjoy that – no doubt they will. And thus ends phase II of my trip. (phase I was pre Ol and Jess, phase III will be getting to Iquitos). So on that note I’ve got a ticket for tomorrow morning out of Huaraz. I’ll go back to Trujillo and then mosey north.

I can’t be too quick though, today is the celebration of 150 years since Huaraz was founded – hence there was a bit of a party last night. After climbing and being up early, I crashed at 12:30, but I got woken by the fireworks at 2am. Pity I missed it, it sounded like a hell of a raucous… But I think one party that cannot be missed is the Peruvian independence day on the 28th – all the locals have been preparing for some time for this one – painting buildings, etc. A big town is in order in a few days time.



3 responses

1 08 2007

Hey Stevo… I’ve finally stopped long enough to catch up on all your news. It sounds like you’re in an awesome place… perfect for someone like you…. mountains, rice, treks, rice, glaciers, rice, climbing, rice, partys, etc…. I just can’t wait to see some of your photos. Keep enjoying and stay safe.
Steve & Kim

1 08 2007

Hello son. Glad to read that you are still in the land of the living. The rarified atmosphere at over 4000m will induce better lung function I’m sure! We are well and in Airlie Beach and have been here for 4 days. Will start to head towards home tomorrow, taking it easy and expect to be in Adelaide around 14th.

Hi love, It’s been a while since you left any thing on the page. Stop enjoying yourself and start writing again. Weather hasn’t been too flash although the last 4 days have been good and I have finally got my swimsuit wet ( only once mind you!). Have you spoken to Tim lately?
We probably wont have much chance to log on to your page – depends if we find a CHEAP internet cafe.
Keep well and safe , Love MaD.

1 08 2007

This message needed moderation, Don’t know what the computer meant but have moderated.

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