3 08 2007

Where was I?

I left Huaraz, having felt like I’ve spent enough time there. It is pretty good, but the rest of the continent awaits! I went to Trujilo again, and left a few days later, nothing new since the last visit. I went to Mancora, a place similar to Huanchaco in that it is by the sea. Except the warm Pacific current meets the coast here and it is possible to go swiming. Which I did. And sat on the beach, and took in the sun. There is little else to do, and I was keen to leave in the end.

I spent a few days longer than expected in Mancora, 4 nights in all, after meeting some more gringos and just hanging out. But I made up for that yesterday. With another guy (Pete the Irish) we caught a bus from Peru into Ecuador, managed to talk our way onto the bus going further, and then decided to take a night bus to Quito. So in 20 hours we have gone from northern Peru, to the capital of Ecuador. And now we are both buggered. I could really do with some sleep – once this update, emails replied to and the food situation sorted, that’s what I’ll do. Food is especially important today – yesterday I had a bug of some sort and spent the best part of 6 hours throwing my guts up. I think I’m good now – buses can be more pleasant.

So, I made it to Quito. This is meant to be the furthest north I go before heading south. I’ve been reconsidering the bike trip idea – since buses are so plentiful, cheap and go almost everywhere I may can the whole idea completely. Or convert to a motorbike. We’ll see in thje next few days – I’ll hang around Quito for a bit and see what happens.



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