Aleppo Traffic

22 03 2011

It had to happen. I was riding around Aleppo this evening, because I don’t have a room in the city tonight. I have decided to catch the train to Damascus to see if the Iran Embassy is open tomorrow (I suspect it will be closed for the New Year Holidays). Happy New Year Iran, 1390.

That’s not all that interesting, although cheating is always worthy of note.

When I rode into Aleppo, I was very nearly knocked off by a crazy minibus driver and black sedan working together to remove that gap I did have and turn it into a very small space. So I was cautious riding in the city. Of course.

As is quite common in the region, almost everyone suffers from Neckus Rubberius when something unusual is sharing the road with them. On the highway this is not usually an issue – they go flying past, and I can wave at them staring at me through the rear window. In the city, it can cause grief. Two pedestrians very nearly got cleaned up by cars today because they were watching me and not the traffic (which is chaotic, to say the least). And I noticed two close calls by drivers with the same ailment. And then it did happen, a pick-up cut off a taxi and smashed up the front quarter. No one was injured, but I feel slightly guilty. But if they want to watch me, and not the road, surely I can’t be held responsible for that? Can I? I’m spending nearly all my riding skills just to make sure they don’t clean me up!



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