12 11 2009

Stuck on a train, 20 minutes from my destination. Some problem on the track. Whatever.

2007_11_12 12_47_24

Featureless Altiplano expanse, Somewhere, Bolivia.

I have roughly 9000 photos from South America (not all mine, but some of me). I thought I should take out a hundred or so that I can show people, especially those in Aus. Problem is, I can’t remove very many… Almost all still remind me of something. Even if it is featureless expanse, it’s featureless expanse at 3000m, and I remember how it was hard to breathe. And do cartwheels on the road.

Warning: If you ask about the trip, be prepared for 30seconds * 9000photos ~ 75hours of listening to me talk about how great I am. I really have to make a smaller set…



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