Spanish wiring

8 08 2009

I had an electifying experience yesterday while shaving. I don’t even use an electric razor.

Running some water, had one hand on the tap. Thought the light near the mirror was pointing the wrong way, reached out to move it and the house went dark. I ended up on my kness – it turns out the house has a safety switch, or Earth leakage circuit breaker, whatever you call it, but you still get a fairly substantial boot! (maybe it’s not working 100%…) My shock was straight across my chest, which was a worry for a few seconds, until I worked out that my heart was still beating.

And beating had been earlier. Since buying the bike, I’m riding a lot more, but have hardly run anywhere. I decided to go yesterday. I think my computer was being kind to me, it told me I did 10km at 5min/km, and I felt like I was just cruising. Maybe it doesn’t work so well in the city with all the buildings around.

Barcelona have a Marathon. In March. So far each time I’ve started training for a marathon I end up smashed up an Achilles tendon. Maybe it’s time to make myself unable to walk again. 6 months 30 days of training. Yay or nay…



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8 08 2009

Didn’t we tell you many, many times: Don’t fix anything!!!

11 08 2009

Chronic Achilles tendonitis is crippling for running. Stopped me running seriously for years. But the heel drop eccentric exercise does actually seem to work. The theory seems to be to staticly and excessively load the achilles so it reforms. Have a look at

Click to access team_Eccentric.pdf

BTW 5 minutes a km is a reasonable half marathon pace (one hour 45m). Bit slow for a bike?
Electricity, Chemical engineers ! It’s a wonder they let you out by yourself.

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