Life is too fast

1 07 2009

I love bike touring. Jürg and Rahel just sent me an email from the north of Germany. They’re heading my way (well, they’re coming south and I happen to be in their path). They suggest that we’ll meet in Autumn.

Not next week, or 5pm on Thursday. No, sometime in a few months. Maybe. When we get there.

I was tempted to write back asking for a date so I could plan my work so that I am here. Then I realised:

  1. I have limited control over my working schedule, such that a date wouldn’t really help much, except I could ask (“please, pretty please, can I be at ‘home’ in 5 weeks for a week?”)
  2. When your on a bike the most accurate you might want to be is to a week or so.

The slight frustration I have with 1, and the reminder that life is meant to be lived like 2 aren’t helping. How can I concentrate on work like this?



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