On ya!

19 08 2007

So from Cuence it’s due south on the Panamericana. I heard there was a fiesta in Loja all weekend, so I thought I’d rock up on Sunday night. Turns out there’s nothing at all going on here, especially no restaurants. But I’m hungry!!!

So last night I stopped about half way at a town called Oña. Pronounced Onya. I had several blog entries written in my head today (including one that made fun of the guy who told me it was a short climb into Oña – short, yeah right, you should try riding it… On ya!). But my legs are too sore all cramped in this cubicle to bother with it.

The road through the mountains is much harder than the coast road, but I chose to stay here to keep away from the desert. Riding though hundreds of kilometers of sand isn’t terribly intersting. It’ll happen eventually, but not just yet.

The mountains are definately getting smaller. Today I´m sleeping at only 2100m. Unfortunately this doesn’t mean the road is any flatter – again today I combined 100km with over 2km of rise. And now my legs hurt and I’m hungry. Time to find food.



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