Finally, underway

26 06 2007

Well here we go. In the plane at last. The last few hours have been an exercise in stress. Where to begin? Well, it turns out that you should read the restrictions on one way tickets… I must admit that I expected a problem at the airport, but was really quite lucky in the end. For once the plane was late and this was to my benefit.
At Adelaide, I bumped into Dan (what are the chances) and was denied a ticket to South America, as I didn’t have an onward or return ticket. So I took the flight to Sydney, and had to sort it out there.
Despite being friendly, the check-in staff were useless, and after running all over the airport, and having to catch the public bus between the terminals (thank goodness I didn’t take my bike), I ended up at the Qantas ticket counter. Again the staff were useless, but I got onto a guy on the phone who worked out a way to help be beat the system (ie buy a ticket to LA, with the intention of getting a refund as soon as I get through customs). It turns out the airlines, and possibly the customs officials don’t really like backpackers who want to get around using one way tickets. Mental note…

But I got there. As I knew I would. I even got a bonus stopover in Aukland. No-one told me about that!
And I’ve met my first traveler. A lovely lady from Hobart, Michele. Swaped emails. I now have some recommendations in the lonely planet (I gave in and bought one in Sydney). But I’ve noticed that I must have packed my pen elsewhere, the only place I can write of here, in the PDA. Not a lot of help for filling out immigration forms.

Soon, a long lay-over in Santiego, and then Peru!
Current stressors: finally realising that I have utterly failed to prepare a plan (she’ll be right!), and by grasp of Spanish leaves a lot to be desired. Nothing I can’t handle. (I hope)



One response

2 07 2007

Good to see you got off alright, and you worked out a cunning plan to get around immigration officials. So cunning you could pin a tail to it even….?
I like to refer to the Lonely Planet as the “Book of Lies” after many incidents through out France and Germany – generally involving me, rain, cold and walking long distances… and expressions such as “near the red light district” meaning smack bang in the middle!!!

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