21 working days to go.

17 05 2007

That’s a little over a month.

I am looking forward to this trip now. It was ‘in the future’ until this week. Now I am reading about people who have cycled from Tierra del Fuego (land of fire – you’re kidding, it’s practically in Antarctica) to Venezuela, and even some who have gone to northern Alaska.

Image that… Cool. Ride around the world. I wonder if I could do that. Fly to Tierra del Fuego, buy a bike, and ride to Canada. Seems ambitious. I could call it coast to coast. A website called Pole to Pole already exists. What about polè-polè? Wrong language.

Current plan is to go very lightweight. Take enough gear to hike, climb, camp and ski (ie tent/bag and some clothes). Possibly ditch the heavy gear (jeans, etc) in Santiago and buy a bike/panniers/bike clothes over there. That aught to test my Spanish. The starting point of the tour is the real problem. Too far south in August could cause issues with weather. I don’t mind a bit of cold, but Antarctica in winter seems a little foolish (especially since I could start in Mexico in winter). Yet to be decided.



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