21 07 2008

I’ve been from Edmonton, to the edge of the Rockies through the Icefields Parkway, Jasper, Banff and now in Calgary. The mountains are, of course, great. Sorry Prairie dwellers, but mountains beat your habitat for me. I climbed up one hill (Mt Temple), in my sneakers, over the snow and ice and in a snow storm. Was quite an experience, and reminded me why I like the mountains. And was probably a little daft.

I’m supposed to be looking for a job and not blogging, so more details later. Although the weather here is supurb right now – I don’t know if I can justify sitting in an office at this time of year.

To Winnipeg

13 06 2008

Hitching out of the SooI made it. The latest challenge was to get from Toronto to Winnipeg (to visit Stu!)… hitch hiking. Would you pick this guy up?

Well someone did.

It was just over 2000km, and took 4.5 days. The drive flat out takes two long days, so I made reasonable time.

No time now. Stories later. I’m due to go down to Rachel’s good friends parents cottage for the weekend. Ah, finally a break from… well doing nothing really.