19 02 2008

I just gone through the photos Jürg and I have taken since Mendoza (the last time I upoaded a few photos). Since I’ve left it so long since the last upload, this took a while. After sorting through damn near 2000 photos, I’ve selected about 250 to upload, but this computer doesn’t like the sound of that, and is protesting bitterly. In fact it protested so much that I’ve culled harder and only 50 odd made it.

Looking, sorting and doing something will all of the photos from this trip may take a lifetime when/if I get back. Perhaps I should take a few less.


30 05 2007

I’ve been told the passport photo of me on (currently on Flickr) is “pretty gay” and I look like “a boring engineer…who needs a holiday”. What are friends for if they can’t tell you the truth… or at least try and wind you up 😉

Responding to those comments: I’ve been called worse, and it’s probably true. Respectively. Or vise versa.