New keyboard!

15 04 2013

I just got another package in the post. Always exciting when one of these turns up. Actually, today I managed three – a final (hopefully) order from wiggle, an order from bivouac (some more camping gear – and there I was thinking I had everything I needed), and now a mini keyboard. Two of the boxes are in Adelaide, so the only one I can play with is the keyboard. Gone are the days of going shopping in a store…

And as I expected, it’s too small. But still better than the on screen keyboard on the nexus 7. I’m still going to take the tablet, but longer blog posts might need a computer. When it is set up as a laptop, the whole thing looks ridiculously small, smaller than the old 7inch eeepc. And I think it is even harder to type on. Although the screen is now far better than the eeepc. Touch screen and high resolution beats the nasty resolution of the eeepc. And battery life of this thing is much better. Either way, this one is going – with the tiny keyboard. I’d be much happier if it had an sd card or usb port. Perhaps next time I’ll have to look at a proper tablet. By then they’ll be everywhere.

Other things. The camera has recently died. Which means a new one has to be bought. Which isn’t a big problem until you look at the selection available now. Ridiculous. I had to narrow to one brand I already know. So, hopefully this weekend I’ll make a final choice, and get another new toy.

The trip is organised. Well more or less as organised. At least as organised as it’s going to be. The time is flying though – only 3 weeks left. The count is for the number of days left that are not work days. That makes it seem very close! I just hope the passports come back from the Chinese Embassy soon. Preferably with a nice shiny visa in there somewhere.

Right, the keyboard has proved it will work. I might get frustrated pretty easily, but it’s better than the android on screen keyboard.

The formatting got all screwed up for some reason. WordPress? What happened there?
I just tried to add a photo. Now that will be a real challenge. Will definitely need a proper computer for that, or… Another toy?



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29 04 2013
jim , terhi and isabel in finland

when you on your bike again ?

30 04 2013

Tuesday! Only a week to go. Poor blog has been ignored… I’ll have to make time to write something, just don’t seem to find the time.
It must be warming up in Finland!

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