Still alive

11 09 2011

I appear to have forgotten about the blog. I am still alive, and at the moment I am safely back in Australia. Not exactly home, but Frankenbici is parked up in my parents shed, and I’m several thousand kilometres west of there. I’ll try to write something about Pakistan (a great place) and India (a less great place) before I forget about it, or get overwhelmed by the day to day. The latter may have already happened…



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23 09 2011
Daniel Herrard


We are still alive too and we are at home (Geneva) since one month. We send you all the best and we hope to see you again somewhere!

Take care

Marion and Daniel

11 11 2011
jim fullwood

Hi there, how’s it to be back in the ” real world ” , looking forward to being back on the road again soon ?
we’re having really warm autumn here in Finland, though not as warm as Santorini last year.
Going to be 3 of next tuesday, baby will arrive by planned C section then ;.)
all good things for your future adventures,
best wishes from JIm, Terhi and Little Girl Fullwood.

12 11 2011

This is the real world? So many things just don’t make sense to me now… Lucky I’ve given up writing down all the insanities on the blog – I just went for a ride in a ‘civilised’ city, and got hit by a car (nothing serious, just scared me), sworn at, dodged many cars and had a ‘discussion’ with a policeman. Although, nothing was thrown at me, so it wasn’t too bad I guess.

But exciting times for you! Bet of luck on Tuesday! I hope it stays warm for you for a little while yet – give your little one (Taroudant, right?) a chance to see the sunshine!
And good times for you on your new adventure!

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