Hair loss

24 06 2011

I’m still in Kashgar. Mentally preparing for what’s coming. Well, no, I’m waiting for a Belgian guy to turn up so I can ride with his mate. I think a small group for the next bit is a good idea. (See? I am sensible, after all).

This seems to be a hub for travellers. Yesterday there were 9 cyclists in the youth hostel – and I know of others. And a few ‘traditional’ back packers. And they are all French. Something strange is going on here. Maybe Sarcosey has sent them all away for the elections.

So I went out to eat with some of the French. For a lot of the time, they were speaking English, just for me. In amongst all the other traveller conversation, for some reason the girls started talking about how their hair is falling out. They came to the conclusion that it was the diet and altitude that was causing it.

Eureka! I’m sure it’s not true, but I think I might have to recycle that excuse.



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26 06 2011

Hi Stevo,
Sorry missed your calls.
Brendan had a great birthday.
Had the day off school (student free day) Then,
Indoor laser skirmish with 9 mates.
Plenty of LEGO and $’s for presents.

Coopers Pale Ale – Ultimate hair growing remedy!

27 06 2011
Well hung

yo Stevo. Glad to hear from you. Am at Tim’s writing this note as I can’t access the net since yestesday. Will follow your instructions and see what happens. Hore to hear from you soon. Love Dad.

2 07 2011
Jason Andersen

Ha, thats funny, I am reading your post titled hair loss and I get an ad from google on the side of the page for Regain……well I’m tempted!!
You are still a hero….we think about you when we cycle…..what would stephen do?? We wanted to not fly in europe…..but we’ve already taken 3 flights…’s just too easy and cheap.
Keep up the good work.
Jason and Alex

9 07 2011
benja et Emi

Hi Stephen, it is benjamin and Emilie, some of the french riders. We qre now in Bishkek, trying to keep some of the remaining hairs on our head for the next month in the Pamir. What about you ? How qdventurous you are to ride with Belgian guys !!!
Take care et a bientot
Benjamin et Emilie

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