Yazd break

15 06 2011

ok I have been slack again….blame the heat. Yazd is one of the driest city in Iran. So I got stuck in a charming hotel, famous to operate as a vortex for foreign people crossing the Iranian desert, especially tired cyclists. You can find there Dutch, Canadian, French and many Australian people, lying on the couches in the pretty courtyard, chatting for hours, especially in mid-day, which here is from 10 am to 6 pm. My days are very busy, I swear. Among my main activities you can bet I am talking with people about Iranian newspapers –interesting opinions about the world-, having a watermelon, playing chess, helping other travellers with their computers, climbing on a mosque roof to watch the sunset or desperately going out for one or more ice creams. I have to taste every flavour before leaving the town. I know, my average speed has been dramatically reduced since I have been there.. and I am about to cheat, flying from Tehran to China. Bad boy, I am not a hero, I don’t have to be a hero, as a French girl told me. A few days more like this and I may decide to become a Zoroastrian worshipper and settle in Yazd forever. Fortunately the Pakistan mountains are too attractive, like a magnetic spiral, I cannot resist the temptation to go there and breathe their air, if I don’t fall in a black hole on the way…



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17 06 2011

I understand perfectly this Yazd vortex…And I miss it. Dubai is quite different….
I hope everything is fine in Tehran and your bus station breakfast was nice yesterday, have a safe flight to China

18 06 2011

Hi. Thanks for the update. We were only just discussing with Steve and Kim (as we gathered to celebrate someone’s birthday last week) where you were. So its good to read you are working hard. On your guts anyway.

20 06 2011

Hey Stephen, Sounds like hard work! Maybe we’ll see you in China – or maybe not if you’re heading from China to Pakistan. Where are you flying to? We’re near Guilin at the moment – lovely cycling up from Gaoming to here, and supposed to get better heading west. Look forward to your next instalment. Llewyn and Toni

21 06 2011

Super hard work in Yazd…
I’m in Kashgar (a long way west of you!). I’m hoping to go along the Karakorum Highway into Pakistan and then India. I’m a long way behind you, I’ll have to peddle pretty fast to catch you now!

22 06 2011

Fantastic route choice Stevo… The Karakoram Highway looks like an amazing journey.

22 06 2011

If I can get past the border guards, and don’t get kidnapped on the way. It should be great!

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