Mt Ararat

7 05 2011


This ain’t no Mt Arapilies. It’s where Noah, allegedly, crashed his overloaded ark after 5 months of floating about. And it’s big.


What? What do you mean I can’t tick a mountain unless I climb it? Ok, well, I’ll conceded this one, but we might have to talk about a change to the rules when I finally get to the Himalayas. Soon.



7 responses

1 06 2011

So what if you ride close enough to Everest, Kangcheujunga, Lhotse, Makalu, Cho oyu, etc, etc to see them you are going to claim a peak?? I don’t think so Steve?? A climb is a climb you know that! A picture of a mountain in the distance could just as well be some fancy photoshop work!

5 06 2011

I thought you might see it like that… What if I ride a hell of a long way to see them? Does that count for something?

14 06 2011

Hey Stevo, Your getting slack again. Last posting 7th May. Now 14th June!

14 06 2011

Perhaps you meant: Hey Stevo, *you’re* slack. I’m thinking about it. I just happen to be so busy at the moment…

14 06 2011

And talking of slack, where are the Middle Eastern Ride Stats and Map of you going round in circles. . . .

15 06 2011

Stats updated, but the map will have to wait until I get a decent connection. It is rather frustrating on this one.

15 06 2011

You’re right I did mean ‘you’re’. Well at least it got you moving,

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