The land of Petrol

14 04 2011

I’m not sure how the economics works out, but Turkey seems to be the land of petrol stations. They’re everywhere! Petrol is more than 4 Turkish Lira per liter (nearly 2 euro per liter!), but I can’t imagine all that much profit goes to the retailer. Anyway, they’re everywhere and the people are still friendly, and so I’ve camped out the back of two so far, and this one advertises it has WiFi. How could I pass that up? Pity it’s not dark, or I might be tempted to camp here also.

I’ve just turned away from the coast. Toward Capadocia. There are some scary big mountains in front of me. Covered in clouds. I’ve been told it’s raining in the mountains. Great.



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15 04 2011

How did you get from Syria – West Side to Turkey so quickly ? I thought you were trying to avoid Israel. Don’t tell me you have resorted to flying again ?

16 04 2011

No, I managed to avoid that place – we don’t say the “I” word around here. There are a few euphemisms the hip backpacker crowd have been using to get around this. Someone, eventually, had to explain it to me.

Actually, getting from Syria to Turkey only involves rolling across the border. And what do you mean quickly? I’d been doing a great job of procrastinating in Syria for so long. I kind of liked it. Of course I finally dragged myself out of Aleppo on the day that a thunderstorm came through. But now I’m enjoying Turkey as well. Just as friendly. Kebab is called kebab, and not shwarma. The people are similarly friendly. More speak English, or at least some western European language. But it is more expensive. And mountainous. And raining today, bummer. But that’s spring.

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