Snow – Really

11 12 2010

Last Tuesday the three of us (Jurg, Rahel and I) went snorkelling with a friend we’ve made on the island (Ushi, form Munich). It was a beautiful day, in the sun it was hot, in the water it was… refreshing. There was nothing to see in the water but that’s only a minor point. The following day I went for a ride on my newly returned hub (yes it’s back – it was sitting in an office on the island for a week – so now I don’t have any excuse for prolonging my departure). Again, a pleasant day, a little overcast and slightly windy.

Three days ago it was warm and sunny. Not last week. Not last summer. Three days.

Right, so this morning I went to get the bread, having drawn the short straw by being the first awake. It was raining. And cold. Then it started to snow. Yes, it really does snow on Santorini. Now I’m not going to be going out and buying skis, but it is super cold today. Perhaps I’m not yet far enough south to avoid this winter thing. Egypt?



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14 12 2010

35 degrees today in Adelaide!!!!

23 12 2010

It has been nearly 2 weeks since your last update. You must been very busy doing nothing!!!!!!!!!!

24 12 2010

Flat out.

24 12 2010

Happy Birthday Bro!
33 now. Bout time you got a full time job, responsibilities etc.

Did you get the presents we sent 2 weeks ago.
Hope the ship didn’t get attacked by pirates (like all the unlucky ships that had the presents you sent us)

Hope you have a great day mate.

24 12 2010

I’m off to the post office right now to see what’s going on with this pirate ship debacle. Maybe we should buy insurance next time.

3 01 2011

Don’t you think it is time to update your blog? I realise it is hard to find the time in between eating yoghurt and keeping out of the sun but try and find a few minutes.
Have enjoyed the photos though.

4 01 2011


5 01 2011

Hey your mum is right! It is time to update your blog!!!!
Anyway: Happy new year! Skiing was perfect!!!! 5 days of sun and blue sky! You should have gone with us instead of doing nothing ;-)!

8 01 2011

Yes, you are right. On both counts. Happy New Year!

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