30 11 2010

If you’ve been aware of the political situation in Europe for the last months, you would know that several countries have some fairly major economic problems. Greece is one of these. The government has been proposing some changes that would, ostensibly, make things better (exactly which things would be better might be open to debate). The port workers have decided that they don’t agree, and have effectively blocked the ports. Since Monday. The Greek Isles are primarily served by ferries. One of the strange things is the strike has been almost completely missed by the international news. I guess the Greek problems are old news now, and we’ve moved on.

The upshot of this is the supermarket has run out of fresh milk. And the veges are beginning to look limp (actually they’ve just about run out now). But that isn’t so bad, because we’ve developed a relationship with the guy who work in the fruit counter of the supermarket and he points us to the freshest available. But there may be a looming catastrophe – yesterday we bought the last of the yoghurt.

The sunsets don’t seem to notice the lack of ferries. (This one’s for you, Kev):

IMG_6846And of course we’re stuck here. Yep, unless you’re willing to stump up the airfare to get off the island (which, at the moment, I’m not) you can’t get to Athens, or into Turkey, or Italy. Or pretty much anywhere – only a few of the small local ferries are operating.

This has inconvenienced some travellers we’ve met (most noticeably Jim and Terhi, who came here for a few weeks and now have almost been here a month), but I don’t really want to go anywhere just yet.

Stuck on a Greek island. One must bear ones trials as best one can.




3 responses

30 11 2010

Greece seems to be not the worst place on Earth to stay while a national strike, ah?



1 12 2010

There could be much worse places 🙂 Luckily today the ferries have started coming again – we had run out of yoghurt and almost out of vegetables yesterday!

1 12 2010

Me stucking in the snow that comes from beside! Like yours on the block!

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