18 11 2010

I’ve been putting off updating the blog. Partly because there is plenty to write about and I don’t know where to start, but mostly because I have been flat out relaxing. And eating breakfast – a meal that doesn’t seem capable of ending before midday. This is followed by plenty of relaxing and maybe a little light reading. The day is generally rounded out by walking to get food for, then cooking, dinner. Oh, and maybe an ice cream and/or sunset in there as well. It seems it’s Sunday every day in Santorini.

If you heard about the terrible weather and are feeling sorry for me riding every day in rain and cold, then you can stop now. I have. I’m staying with Jurg, Rahel, Marc and Christine (all Swiss) in what is now Jurg and Rahel’s winter retreat. I’ve made it mine as well for the next… while (or until I can understand the nasty things they are saying about me in Swiss-German). In fact I’ve entrenched myself to the point that I’ve sent my rear wheel to Rohloff to have them fix the oil leak – so for a while I don’t have a bike I can ride.

Strangely the Greek isles seem to be a meeting point for cyclists who are procrastinating about entering Asia. We are a group of 5, and we have met “The Kiwis” (2), “The Americans” (another 2 – who we had to wave goodbye to the other day, the morning after having 9 of us in their honeymoon apartment for a party), Jim and Terhi (from UK/Finland), and a French Guy (Cedrik). This seems like a strange place for such a concentration of cyclists. But then again, the view this morning is this one:


*Sigh* Yeah… I guess it could be worse.



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19 11 2010

Are you using a Rohloff Speedhub on your Frankenbike? Apart from the oil leak, how do you find it? Good for the Greek mountains with full panniers?

20 11 2010

Hey John! Yes, the leaking hub is a Rohloff. And apart from the minor annoyance of the leak, and therefore oil all over the rear hub, rim, and chain for the last 5000km, the hub is working well. I’ve not met anyone who has had problems with theirs, so I assume this was just bad luck. The hub works well. It sounds a bit noisy when it is new, but it wears in and then is silent. The chain lasts for ages. You can change gears when stationary (which is a big benefit at traffic lights or on hills with a 50kg bike). The only negatives so far are the weight (Rohloff claim their system is the same weight as a derailleur system, but I’m doubtful – it seems to be pretty heavy), and the price. Despite running without and free oil for almost 5000km, Rohloff say the hub shouldn’t have been damaged – I still hope it’ll last for ever. Assuming Rohloff can fix it and return it to me. I’m waiting for it now.

A motorbike would be better for the Greek mountains. But after a few months of training, my legs are coping. They are doing extremely well right now – I haven’t ridden the bike in a week 🙂

19 11 2010

ciao! I think you are ok i try to read your diary but it is difficult .. we continue to follow your adventure… a big CIAO from us! lucia mario anna and friends

21 11 2010

Ciao Lucia, Mario and Anna!
Yes, I am fine! I have been trying to use more photos, but I should use more. I hope you guys are doing well! I’m slowing down right now so I don’t get the worst of the winter in Turkey and Iran.
Ciao y Grazie!

21 11 2010

Good to hear you are enjoying the view. Don’t forget you shouldn’t outstay your welcome!!!!!!

26 11 2010
Sam Frankenburg

Its not good for my mental health to look at these photos while I am sitting at work………

26 11 2010

Well, there’s a trade off. My mental health is improving at the expense of everyone else. I’ll be selfish for a little longer…

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