More Greece

27 10 2010

The map is updated. I’m still in Greece, and it appears to still be raining.

Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t been raining 24 hours a day, but it has been unseasonably wet (so I’m told). I’ve only had a couple of days that have delivered me a complete soaking. Like today. It started raining during the night, and continued all day. All day. 6 hours in the saddle when it is raining isn’t all that much fun. Like a few days before, I questioned what I was doing, why I am here, and very nearly threw in the towel. But the forecast is for another day of misery, followed by a sunny spell. So hopefully tomorrow (or soon after) things will be back to normal, and I can stop spending all my money in these hotels.

Today I’m going to be touristy, and check out the ancient ruins of Olympia. Take a look at where Zeus beat Cronos at wrestling. More than likely in the rain.



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