21 10 2010

I thought I might be able to deliver the odd update now that I’m travelling solo again. But then I hit Montenegro, Albania and more or less constant rain. So I’ve put my head down and blasted/creaked (the bike is making some horrible noises) into Greece, where it’s always warm and sunny. Well, maybe not, but I am back in civilisation, today in Kastoria. It is the last country in Europe.

This morning (after waking up in the grounds of a monastery) I was going to head toward Thessaloniki, but I’ve just now changed my mind, and I’ll head back toward the west coast, and Ioannina. The joy of having nowhere to be and no time limit to get there.



2 responses

24 10 2010

don’t miss the monasteries of Meteora!!
And then come back to Germany ;-)!

26 10 2010

I was up that way. I passed through Metsovo on my way to Ioannina. Too many mountains and too much rain to hang around though. I didn’t expect mountains in Greece! And there are monasteries all over Europe…

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