Dubrovnik – Dubrovnik

14 10 2010

I woke this morning to the sound of the pitter-patter of rain on the tent, getting stronger alarmingly quickly. I noticed it was 4 something am, and promptly fell back asleep.

Again, at 6:30, just before the alarm went off, I was woken by a squall passing over the camp ground. I got up shortly after and stood around in the  now light rain watching and offering encouragement to Sarah and Kasia, my travel companions for the last few weeks, pack their things to leave. They had an 8 o’clock bus to catch. They managed to finish packing in light drizzle and took off. I hope they didn’t get too wet on the way to the bus.

It was only 7am, so I stayed in the tent for a little while, long enough for the hard rain to start again. I packed my things into my panniers in the tent, and braved the 1km ride to the bakery in the down pour. I came back, loaded the panniers on the bike, and hid in the rain-free reception area, loaf of bread, honey and computer at the ready.

Hours passed. The bread was consumed.

The rain eased. The rain came down harder.

It got steadily colder.

I watched this for some hours

After some time Wendy and Markus (NZ and Aus, also cyclists, also camping in the rain) came to join me huddling out of the rain. We sheltered, talked and hid from the rain. About 2pm we realised this was not getting us anywhere, so we started looking for somewhere dry to sleep. We packed up in a brief lull, and braved the rain. We’re now 2km from the camp ground, in an apartment. Dry, fed and still in Dubrovnik.

Winter, or at the very least Autumn, has arrived. And she’s brought rain.



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