13 10 2010

Ok, ok I’m in Dubrovnik. Southern most big town in Croatia. I could write about it, or I could go see it.

Sorry, seeing it first wins. Croatia has been good so far. Trogir, Dubrovnik (Ok, I’ve seen some of it) and Plitvice/Krka stand out. So does trying to get around with a thousand accents and a distinct lack of vowels. Lucky some of the Croatians speak English.

Currently part way through seeing Dubrovnik. This is what I see:

Dubrovnik main street

Dubrovnik main street, the other way

No axes. Or hatchets. In fact few tree cutting implements of any kind.



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14 10 2010

Nothing like some strong words of “encouragement” from your mother to get your butt into gear 🙂 Thanks for the update Cheryl… and Steve.
I’ve heard that Croatia is absolutely stunning. Enjoy!!! I know you don’t really plan much but are you heading over or under the black sea? I’m just doing my google maps geography course.

P.S. Just an update… Thomas has just started walking… Crazy how quickly the time has gone.

15 10 2010

Yes! Croatia has been worth a look, although it was nicer when it wasn’t raining. For the Black sea, I’ll probably go around. The bike is too heavy to go over, and the lack of oxygen makes it difficult to go under. Same story for the Caspian, although this one is more annoyingly placed.

(I’ll be going south, through Istanbul and Turkey. At least that’s the current plan. It could change at any time).

They’re growing fast. He’ll be chasing you about by the time I get back.

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