13 09 2010

Again, no time for a long post. I’ve been on the Danube now for three days, and I’ve pulled into Vienna for a shower 🙂 Insert photos of a very wide river with alternating landscape of flat (flat, flat, flat) or pretty hills and cities / villages, invariably with a castle and/or monastery on top.

Stafan suggested it might be possible to do 200km a day. It may be, but I’m 25km short of that so far (possibly because of a lack of chocolate, but mostly because the sun has this habit of hiding when I need just a bit more time). But I have made 500km in 3 days. If you’re not impressed, then you should be. Unfortunately Vienna stopped me, and I’m now off to look around the city, with my new friends Daniel and Marion (from Switzerland – they are cycling to Japan, but get this – via Finland). They also have a blog: www.detours-deux-roues.ch if you can read French.

I also think the very expensive hub I have is buggered – I changed the oil a few days ago and now there is oil everywhere. The good news is the chain is well lubricated / drenched in stupidly expensive oil, I just hope I don’t have to send it back to Germany to get it fixed…



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14 09 2010
El Andi

Hello Stephen,

here is the german guy who met you in north of Spain (Basque?) at the coanst for a 10-minute-talk!

I hope you remember me, I do! 😉

I was in Portugal but not in the south, just in the north, and my most southiest point was Salamanca.

I crossed the Picos, so you have told me –> very fine –> thanks!

Now I’m on way back to Gemany –> I crossed the Pyrenes at Col Pierre St. Martin and heading now for the Mediterrian Sea…

I’m very impressed of your 200km tours, I just make 100 km a day or less.
I think, du hast einen Hund!!! ;-)))

Read you!
Have a nice trip!!

el Andi

20 11 2010

Hi Andi, Yes, of course I remember you! Sorry it took me so long to reply. It sounds like your tour was very nice, a little into Portugal, the Picos (I think the mountains there are very nice) and then back via France. You wrote to me almost 2 months ago, so I guess you must have crossed Italy and Switzerland and be back in Germany now! I hope you have had good weather and a good tour over the Alps. Right now I’m hiding from winter in Greece 🙂

And I have found from my German friends that “ich haben einen vogel” works better than “einen hund” 😉 Why don’t they teach us that one in school 😉

24 09 2010
Daniel et marion


Marion and me [swiss couple] want to say you that we have found a very nice bike path from the camping to the centre of Wien. Without tram… very peacefull…

26 09 2010

Well done! Those tram track were a bit of a killer. I hope you guys are having a fun time going north! I’m getting cold and wet in Slovenia, and soon will go faster south to get some nice weather.

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