And out again

30 08 2010

I’d love to spend more time in Italy. I had great plans of a circuit of Tuscany, a quick stop in Rome, maybe a giro of Sicily. But I also have only a few days to get to Regensburg to welcome back Stefan and Sabine, and so simply wont have the time. (And really it’s to hot and full of tourists in August.). A return trip will have to be planned.

So, I’m after a bit cooler weather. Switzerland? Maybe. I’m going to have a go at grunting over a pass north of here (here is lake Como, another rediculously pretty place, infested with tourists) today, then turn right. Then mountains, mountains, mountains, hills, Bavaria. That’s the plan.

But that means I have to leave the pizza… At least I can carry some pasta with me.



One response

31 08 2010

You are a rock star in Italy! ha, ha, ha!
I have been in Malta… It’s cool! 😉 (Hay ciclovías!)
Tomorrow, work… I will be researcher and PhD again 😦
Don’t forget your Spanish… cachay?
A chilean hug for you!

Ps:good luck with the montains.

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